About Savalane

Savalane Publications was founded in 2000, with a full-time staff of one. We’ve since grown to over five times that number, and have built a national reputation as a publisher of books and manuscripts in psychology, mental health, education, and the social and behavioral sciences.

Based in Tehran, right across from the University of Tehran, Savalane Bookstore is located in a vibrant area that is considered to be the heart of publishers and book lovers in the city. Savalane Publications has an independent identity, stability, and commitment to quality that makes it a rarity in today's rapidly conglomerating publishing world in Iran. Savalane Publications is a family-owned business: Hamzeh Ganji, Ph.D. as President and Mehdi Ganji as Vice President.

Over its short history of a decade, each year Savalane Publications has been able to publish at least five books. From psychology, psychiatry, and the behavioral sciences to education and mental tests. Savalane Publications is dedicated to bringing well-written and well-translated, solidly researched work to professionals, academics, and general readers.

Savalane Publications
Enghelab Street, Across University of Tehran's Main Gate
Foroozandeh Passage, No. 214
Postal Code: 13147-43989
Tehran, Iran

Tel.: (021) 66 95 1943 
Fax: (021) 66 96 1275